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This MD5 Hash Generator Is Completely Browser Based and is used by Database Designer (MySQL, Postgress, MongoDB, Hadoop), Developers (PHP, ASP, JSP or Any Other) and Computer Professionals to generate MD5 Hashes of Text. MD5 hash generated from the text cannot be decrypted if the text contains special characters and is complicated enough to be cracked using rainbow tools.

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Common Questions About MD5 Hash

1. What is MD5?

Answer: MD5 is a Cryptographic Hash function with a 128-bit (16-bytes) hash value denoted in hexadecimal format.

2. What is the length of MD5 Hash Value?

Answer: It is of 32 hexadecimal characters.

3. Who is the designer of MD5 Hash?

Answer: Ronald Rivest is the Designer of MD5. You Can Check More About Him On His Wikipedia Article.

4. Is MD5 Hash Secure?

MD5 hashes are no longer considered Cryptographically secure due to the length extension attacks.

5. Is MD5 An Encryption?

Answer: No, MD5 Is Not An Encryption.

6. Is MD5 Collision Proof?

Answer: No, MD5 Is Not Collision Proof.

7. Is MD5 Hash Reversible?

Answer: MD5 is impossible to be reverse engineer an MD5 hash when the string is long enough or contains special characters. Various Tools Are Available Which Uses Rainbow Table In Order To Reverse An MD5 Hash.